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Betrayed #2
Betrayed #2



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Underground Parties 2001
Hundreds of shirtless muscular guys dancing together in the dark, bodybuilder strippers and more at a couple of parties, one in Chicago and one in LA. Music for this edit is “Out of Control” by the CHEMICAL BROTHERS.

"Head Rush" by Nick Name
Shot live at the Erotic City part of the LA Pride Fest 2002. Nick Name can be found these as KENT JAMES.
Don't you just hate it when "the man" makes your mic cut out in the middle of a song? Co-writer/guitar: Stripes, B/U singer: Sunshine, Drums: Demon, Bass: Clean.

Underground Party
L.A. 2002

Bodybuilder beastie performances, piercing art and more hot shirtless muscle guys and leathermen.

“Scratch” by
“Rhythm Device” by UBERZONE


“Harder Stronger Deeper Longer
A 2002 live performance at the infamous and now defunct Freak Show at the also defunct Gauntlet, performed by Nick Name, aka KENT JAMES.


Str8 Bodybuilding Contest 2007
Bodybuilding contest at the Pit on the boardwalk in Venice Beach CA, Memorial Day 2007.
Of course most of these guys are not gay, but most are very cool with having gay fans as long as they are respectful and cool about it. Music: Dynamite Derby by Da Damn Phunk Noize Phreak.



Superstar/Superfag medley w/ Deadlee and super sexy dancers

I happened to be at this club when this act came on, even though the lighting was terrible the performance was so deep-fried I had to salvage what I could.



Male-Vision promo video
A quick video of some of my art.
music: Open up Your Filthy Heart to Me by SHRIEKBACK.



“Who's Your

No-budget documentary-style video for gay punk rocker Nick Name. Shot on the desolate late night streets of Hollywood with hustlers, runaways, hookers, pimps and trannies.
Performed and lyrics by Nick Name, aka KENT JAMES, Stripes is on guitar and wrote the music.

Nick Name Physical




Nick Name gets "Physical"

Click on the image to see a Flash animated video of Nick Name's cover of Olivia Newton John's "Physical". The song that was actually banned by the state of Utah for lewd content.