Male Vision

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Betrayed #2
Betrayed #2

Original Art

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After many years working in several areas of art, public art and graphic design, I recently began painting and drawing male images mostly for my own pleasure. While I am an admirer of many homoerotic artists who work in more finished styles, I wanted to explore working in a style that is as rough and primal as the sexual energy between masculine men.

Please feel free to contact me with any questions, this site is under construction and will eventually include graphic design and photography sections.

The subjects that interest me involve very masculine men who are uninhibited and unashamed of their homosexuality, Exhibitionism is a fetish that displays true man to man sexuality at its most liberated. In a way, 2 virile men kissing in public is the most outrageous image possible to break stereotypes, even more so maybe than a kinky image of men engaged in an orgy hidden away in a dungeon. For me the image of masculine muscular men together is the natural way things are meant to be, and can be intensified by fetishes such as Dominance / submission, Master / slave, bondage / discipline, bodybuilding, leather, jockstraps, boots, and more. For me the fetish itself is nothing without the sexy aggressive cocky seductive men to go with it. There is nothing more sexy to me than a strong individual who walks and talks like a stud and doesn't conform to materialism or social stigmas, but prefers the simple pleasures of hedonism instead.